A Guide to Leotard Sizes and How to Find the Proper Fit

A Guide to Leotard Sizes and How to Find the Proper Fit

A gymnastic leotard needs to not be too big nor too small. Learn how to find the right leotard sizes for your gymnasts and achieve the proper fit.


Is your child new to gymnastics? This probably means you’re buying a leotard for the first time!

A gymnastic leotard should fit perfectly so that it’s not too big or too small while your child is in motion.

Learn how to find the right leotard sizes for your gymnasts and achieve the proper fit!

Tips for Measurements

In order to truly get the size right, you’ll need to measure your child. The proper fit will also be affected by the type of material. How elastic is the leotard? What is the style and stretch? This will all affect the fit.

Below we’ll review how to measure each area in order to ensure you’re purchasing the right size. But first, there are some simple tips to follow.

Make sure your dancer or gymnast is not wearing undergarments or is not wearing a leotard with a bra. It’s important that the bust line has a typical shape so that you know you’re getting the measurements correct.

Also, have them stand up straight with their weight on both feet. When you are using measuring tape, you want it to fit but not be too tight. However, when doing vertical measurements, the tape should be taught.

Areas to Measure

You’ll need to start by getting the measurements for girth or torso. Place the tape measure at the top of your child’s shoulder, this should be where the leotard strap is sitting. Measure down through the crotch and back to the same shoulder. This is the most important measurement. 

The next area is the bust, so you’ll want to measure over the fullest area of the best. Have the child relax their arms on both sides for a proper measurement.

Then, measure the child’s waist where it indents, and have them keep their finger in between the tape and belly.

For measuring the hips, make sure you’re putting the tape at the fullest part and have the child stand with their heels together.

Finally, get the measurement for the inseam from crotch to bottom. This will be measured in inches, but keep in mind that it’s to the nearest half-inch.

Additional Notes for Sizing

In order to guarantee you’re buying the right leotard size, it’s important to consider your child’s body style. If the dancer or gymnast is in between two sizes, you’ll likely want to choose the next size up.

Keep in mind that your child is still growing, so you don’t want them to easily grow out of the smaller size. You also want them to feel comfortable in the leotard.

Another note is that the style might affect how the leotard fits, so something like a racer-back leotard could offer more support.

Find the Right Leotard Sizes for Your Gymnasts

The key to finding the right leotard sizes for your gymnasts is measurements! Follow the tips above to guarantee you’re measuring correctly so that your child is comfortable and confident in their new leotard.

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