• Wash garments separately
  • Turn garments inside out and gently hand-wash in cold water using a mild liquid detergent
  • Rinse immediately after washing
  • DO NOT use fabric softener as this can dissolve the adhesives on the garment, cause discoloration, and cause any embellishments to come off
  • DO NOT leave the garment to soak
  • Remove excess water by patting with a clean towel then air-dry on a plastic hanger
  • DO NOT dry-clean the garments as the chemicals will damage the fabric and embellishments
  • DO NOT iron the garments as the heat will discolor and melt the fabric and dissolve the adhesives causing embellishments to come off
  • United All Around will not guarantee any garment that has not been washed and dried following our care instructions. If you ignore our care instructions, it is at your own risk and we reserve the right to refuse returns under such circumstances