Size Chart

Overview: At United All Around, we know that when it comes to gymnastics wear, accurate body measurements are the key to achieving the perfect fit. Our apparel is optimized for comfort and efficiency; cleverly designed to move with the wearer for performance fluidity. Using body measurements is a simple but reliable way to ensure the correct fit for each individual and a consistent fit for the whole team.

Waist Measurement: Wrap the tape around the natural waistline (usually the narrowest part of the torso). Finding the natural waistline can be made easier by the athlete bending to one side; the bend is where the waist is. Ensure the tape is level and parallel to the floor during measuring.

Hip Measurement: With the athlete standing with feet together, keep the tape parallel to the floor and measure at the fullest part of the buttocks.

Torso Measurement: This is the most crucial measurement for gymnastic leotards, one-piece cheerleading uniforms, and men's competition shirts. The measurement is taken from the length of the torso, starting at the center of the shoulder, going down the torso, between the legs, and back up to the shoulder.



Inseam Measurement: The athlete should be barefoot. Run the tape from the crotch to an inch above the floor. 


1-2Y (CXS) Child X-Small 20-22" 18-20" 20-22" 36-38"
3-4Y (CS) Child Small 24-24" 19-21" 22-24" 39-41"
5-6Y (CM) Child Medium 24-26" 20-22" 24-26" 42-44"
7-8Y (CL) Child Large 26-29" 21-23" 26-29" 45-47"
9-10Y (AXS) Adult X-Small 28-31" 23-25" 28-31" 48-50"
11-12Y (AS) Adult Small 30-33" 24-26" 30-33" 51-54"
13-14Y (AM) Adult Medium 34-37" 25-27" 34-37" 55-58"
15-UP (AL) Adult Large 36-39" 27-29" 36-39" 59-62"

*** Your torso measurement is the most importnat measurement.

Torso measurement is taken from the shoulder through the crotch and back up to the same shoulder.

Height/Weight 15Kg(33Ibp) 20Kg(44Ibp) 25Kg(55Ibp) 30Kg(66Ibp) 35Kg(77Ibp) 40Kg(88Ibp) 45Kg(99Ibp) 50Kg(110Ibp) 55Kg(121Ibp)
95cm/38.7" 3-4Y
100cm/39.4" 3-4Y 5-6Y
105cm/41.3" 3-4Y 5-6Y 5-6Y
110cm/43.3" 3-4Y 5-6Y 7-8Y
120cm/47.2" 5-6Y 7-8Y 7-8Y
130cm/51.2" 7-8Y 7-8Y 9-10Y 11-12Y
140cm/55.1" 9-10Y 11-12Y 11-12Y 11-12Y
150cm/59.0" 11-12Y 11-12Y 13-14Y 13-14Y


13-14Y 13-14Y 13-14Y 15-UP